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Several years ago a very distressed man called my office. He had first retained a TV lawyer. As soon as the CHP report came out the law firm dropped our client's case. The CHP placed the blame on our client's son, even though the defendant was drunk. I took the case and went to the accident scene on the I-5 freeway in Encinitas. What I discovered was that the shoulder was wide enough to confuse it for another lane. I followed the path of the drunk driver and what I concluded was that the drunk driver must have confused the shoulder for another lane. Our client's son was walking on the shoulder and not on the I-5 freeway as alleged by the CHP. By looking at the damage on the vehicle it was evident that the defendant had collided on the driver side of the vehicle and pushed our client into the fourth lane of the freeway. There was no need for an accident reconstructionist. I explained my position to the defendant's insurance carrier and demanded payment within 30 days. Before the deadline the insurance carrier paid the entire amount of coverage.

A few years ago I got a call from a man that had been involved in a car accident. He went to see chiropractor and did two session of treatment. He then stopped going for a period of about 4 weeks. It is the biggest error anyone handling their own claim can commit. He then started treatment with a different chiropractor in Fountain Valley in Orange County that used a different technique. He got and felt relief from the pain almost immediately. He kept going and spent $4,000. He was out also off work and lost about $3,000 in income. He then came to see me. We asked the insurance company pay him his medical expenses, lost income, and a little something for the pain and discomfort. The insurance company said no. Their top offer was $3,500. I filed a lawsuit and sent the defendant a letter. I told why he was being sued and that a judgment would be entered against him, which in turn hurts his credit history. About 18 months later we were in trial. The jury agreed with us and awarded almost 4 times the insurance carriers top offer.

I do not accept all cases and I can't promise or guarantee the outcome, but when I accept your case I will do my best to leave no stone unturned. Call me for an honest free case evaluation.


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