Should You Hire a Workers Comp Lawyer in California To Handle Your Work Comp Claim

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Workers compensation lawyers in California help workers that are injured on the job get through the maze to get medical treatment and compensation for their injuries. Injured workers can get by without an attorney, but more often than not they will get short changed, even when they think they are ahead of the game.
Workers compensation insurance coverage is required for all employers in California and covers all workers regardless of whether or no they are legally in the U.S. When an employer fails to carry workers compensation insurance coverage the employee can sue the employer directly or make a claim with the state workers compensation insurance plan, which then allows the State of California to sue the employer.
Workers that handle their own cases in general get a smaller settlement and often get poor medical care, because they have no one to advocate for them. Unlike personal injury cases the value of the service received is a bargain, attorneys typically charge 15% in workers compensation cases when the case to goes to trial and there very little risk of financial loss. In a personal injury case there is a risk of financial loss to both the client and the attorney and the client will often pay 40% for a personal injury trial plus the cost of litigation and trial.
This is one of many things to know because often a workers compensation claim also gives the injured worker the right to also make a personal injury claim and the employer the right to sue as well.
Workers compensation claims fall within an area of law known as administrative law and are handled by a very different type of job in a very different work environment from civil courts. The process is very informal compared to a civil court, but it is very bureaucratic and paper driven with lots of forms that procedures that have to be followed. There are time limits to do things and file things, and this is where the problem can often arise for an injured worker. Medical treatment also has to be approved every step of the way. Frustrated workers feel helpless, especially if they are in pain, but it is all part of the process.
Workers comp lawyers help workers get through all these complexities and injured workers greatly benefit from hiring a work comp lawyer. Since the cost of hiring such an attorney are basically paid in the form of a greater settlement or judgment, you should hire a work comp lawyer to represent you.

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