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San Diego, Irvine, Newport, Santa Ana, Los Angeles Dog Attack Injury Attorney Arnold Hernandez



             Dog bites and dog attacks can cause not only physical pain, but can also adversely affect a person’s life for many years to come.  Injuries from dog bites give rise to a legal right for a personal injury in most situations.   Click Here For Information About California Dog Bite Laws   Some individuals are not able to regain their confidence and have the constant fear of a dog bite, whenever they are in a setting where there are dogs.  Children are frequently the victims of dog bites and the dog attack usually occurs at the home of a friend or family member. Click Here For Statistical Information on Dog Bites   These dog bites to children are often to the face leaving scars that can last their entire childhood.  Even though the number of deaths resulting from dog bites or dog attacks is small the number of dog bites is very high.  The number of personal injury claims for dog bites is relatively small in comparison to the number of victims for dog bites and dog attacks.  The chance of death from a dog bite or dog attack is very slim, but the chance of a dog bite is extremely high and is the number two reason for emergency room visits among children.   The following is a typical case:

              In 2001 a teenage girl went to her friend’s home, outside the house was the grandmother who invited the girl to enter the home and go upstairs to find her friend.   She had no reason to believe she would be the victim of a dog bite or dog attack.   When she entered the house two small dogs attacked the girl. The dog bites were to her ankle, her forearm and her leg.  The first dog bite was to her ankle and as she reached down to push the dog away the second dog jumped biting her forearm.  She fell to the ground and screamed as these dogs attacked.   The friend and the dog owner came in after hearing the victim’s screams and pulled the dogs away, but only after she suffered repeated dog bites to her ankles, forearm and leg.  Following the dog attack the dog owner called her parents and informed them the girl had been the victim of a dog attack.   The victims parent were upset  to see the girl with her arms and shirt covered in blood and the dog owner had not sought medical treatment for the girl following the dog attack.  After visiting the doctor the victim’s family asked the dog owner about paying for the damage caused by the dog bites to their daughter’s legs and arm.  The dog bites resulted in deep wounds, but fortunately the dog bites did not cause any nerve damage.  The hospital bill for treating the dog bite wounds exceeded $2,000.  The dog owner declined to pay for the medical expenses resulting from the dog bite injuries and informed the parents that if they were to obtain a personal injury lawyer that they would obtain one too and fight the matter.  Months after the dog attack, the teenage girl still had scars from the deep dog bite wounds, but fortunately there was not permanent damage other than scars to her forearm from the dog bites.   About one year after the dog attack a cosmetic surgeon could do a scar evaluation and estimate the cost for surgery to minimize or eliminate the scars to her arm.  Soon after that the matter resolved and the settlement provided compensation not only for her pain and suffering, but also for her disfigurement and would permit her to obtain cosmetic surgery to remove the dog bite scars.


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